Friday, April 24, 2009

The Happy Family

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Fun Times with Mommy

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Fun Times with Daddy

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Here's the Party

This is what three 4 1/2 month olds playing together looks like:

Socializing 2

Julian has been visiting with some very special "older" folks, too:
Grandpa Mark and Nana-Sue:

Friend Ada:
Grandpop Mike (all the way from England):
Grandma Kathy:


Julian has been doing lots of socializing lately!
With friends Brynn and Evie....

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Here's one for all you badger fans

Julian got to meet Bucky Badger, the mascot of the University of Wisconsin, Madison and heartthrob of all Wisconsin kids, at the children's grand opening of the new Sequoya library near our house.  He may not yet know what a badger is, but this was certainly exciting nonetheless, and it is never to early to indoctrinate the kids into their team loyalties, I suppose.  Now if only we could get him to a Yankees game...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cambridge MA

...Followed by a nice visit with Uncle Ben and Auntie Beth:

And Grandpa Dan:
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And even friend Leah:

Passover in Cambridge

Julian and Mommy took a special trip to Cambridge, MA to celebrate Passover with family.
Here is Julian with his Grand-Aunt Jeanne and Great-Aunt Marjorie:

With Cousin Jef:

At the Seder Table (well, actuall he is behind the camera in this one)

With Grandpa Dan:
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Recent Milestones

Well, he isn't rolling over yet... but Julian is very close to sitting and scooting, and enjoys walking with help! Here he is experiencing his first ride in the "seat" (not bassinet) part of the stroller, his first outdoor swing (and his shadow), and taking a small stroll with Mommy...

Julian: Still Cute

To fans of this blog: sorry for the delay in posting! Here are a few images for your Julian fix:

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