Sunday, May 23, 2010

Julian, A Little Person

We parents are sorely behind in the blog posting department. Sorry it has been so long!
You will see on these posts that Julian is now a talker, with a big personality. He looks more like a kid, and less like a baby, every day... now he is almost 18 months old!

All Done!

Since we last posted, Julian has had a major language boom, learning over 75 words.
Here he is savoring a particularly useful phrase on May 16, 2010:

Bubble Dance

Here, Julian dances to Pete Seeger au naturel amid a shower of Daddy's bubbles.

Mini Stroller

After eyeing other kids' mini strollers, Julian got his own to push along in Central Park.
Here he is on May 15:

Grandparental Visits

Julian had a fun visit from Grandma Kathy at the end of April...
And Grandpa Mark dropped by in mid-May...

With Mom and Dad

Julian loves drinking water at water fountains...
And traveling by Ergo carrier (which, at 26+ lbs, is serious work for his parents).


Julian likes to join in sports games taking place in Central Park.
Here, he and his friend Gus get an impromptu badminton lesson (on May 1, 2010):


One of Julian's favorite activities is dancing to recorded music. Here he enjoys a particular tune (taken May 9, 2010):