Sunday, September 27, 2009

Music with Daddy 3

A preview performance of an as-yet-untitled atonal work:

Music with Daddy 2

Strumming The Wheels on the Bus:

Music with Daddy 1

Dancing to Rite of Spring:

Special Visits

Grandpa Dan came to visit for Rosh Hashanah. Julian loves his Zaide!

Not long afterward, the fair Madelaine stopped by (see previous "J'adore" post for how both have grown!)
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Live Music, Mommy and a Bagel

We went to hear Red Baraat play at the Union Terrace. Julian danced:
And enjoyed a bagel:
Mom, want some too?

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Julian, can you play music?
I should say so!
I might as well just show you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Sounds

Julian is experimenting with his higher register...

Bathin' and Lazin'

Yay, I'm clean!

And comfy with Mom!
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Labor Day

On Labor Day, Julian enjoyed picnicking with friends and neighbors.
Under the picnic bench:

With Reuben:

With Evelyn:

William and Noa:
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

San Francisco, 6

On our last day, Julian got to meet the redwoods...

And the Pacific Ocean (see other posts for videos):

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San Francisco 5

We all enjoyed seeing family (Ruth's Great-Aunt Mac and Uncle Vince)

and family friends (Gary and Maria in Berkeley)

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Julian wished the blushing bride-to-be well:

And cheered the happy couple on:

Mazel Tov, Sarah and Rick!!!!!

Julian agrees (along with some delicious carrots)
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San Francisco, 4

We traveled North of the city, across the bridge

To lovely Sonoma County, where Julian swam:

And crawled:
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San Francisco, 3

Julian also had fun back at the apartment, with a bath:

And learning how to sit down after standing up:

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San Francisco 2

Jules also slept through a few things, including
a cable car ride:

Restored ships:

And espresso at Caffe Trieste:
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San Francisco

In San Francisco, Julian played on the swing:

Rode on a carousel for the first time:

And discovered Julius' Castle on Telegraph Hill, since 1922:
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