Thursday, April 8, 2010

Julian at Home

Jules is a pretty happy guy:
Sitting in his toy basket (he loves to do that):

Playing in the bath:

Exploring Daddy's face:
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Toddlers Socializing Part 2

Here's Julian pushing little Darwin on his favorite train:

Toddlers Socializing Part 1

Julian and Noa are friends from way back.
Now they alternate between hugging and holding hands and pushing and shoving.

Easter Eve

Our wonderful relatives the Hepinstalls included us in their family Easter celebration- fun times at the playground with Sadie (1 year old) and a delicious meal.

Easter Morning

Julian (and his parents) received a delightful Easter box from Nana and Grandpop in London.
Here Julian demonstrates the usage of his extra-large decorated Easter egg:

The Young Professor

Here Julian imagines what it would be like if he were a professor like his dad.
Here is the lecture he is preparing for the first day of class:

The Greatest Song Ever

Now that Mommy works much of each weekday and Daddy is away teaching in the Midwest most of each week, Julian has been enjoying spending time with Abigail (aka Nonna), whom we feel so lucky to have connected with.
Here she treats him to an improvised song to accompany his lunch: