Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Conversation

Julian suddenly has a lot to say!


marjorie said...


Aunt M

Daniel Wikler said...

Ruth: "Hello dollink. Ready to speak in code today?"
Julian: "Hi Mama! You betcha!"
Ruth: "OK. Everyone else will think we're just cooing, but you and I know that these vocalizations are full of specific content, right?"
Julian: "And how! OK, what's on your mind today?"
Ruth: "How 'bout them Badgers?!"
Julian: "I'm not really big on football, Mom. How 'bout that Obama!?"
Ruth: ....[transcription incomplete]

Daniel Wikler said...

From Grande Aunt Jeanne:

Julius, that's not exactly the tune of the lullaby I taught you, but you're getting close! Excellent progress, my dear!

Ben Wikler said...

What a cutie!

Lynn said...

Wonderful, wonderful..love that back and forth cooing and talking interaction--so enthusiastic! thanks for sharing this! and at the end Julian kicks--which now I have learned probably means is baby talk for: This is great!! I Love this, Mommy!!