Friday, August 7, 2009

Julian Crawls (Another Video)


Jeanne said...

Cher Julius,
Grand-Aunt Jeanne is watching you, all the way from Paris. Aren't you a fine little crawler! Isn't it fun to be able to get around on your own?
I hope your parents will take you to visit me some time. Tomorrow I move into the grandest apartment I've every imagined living in, with VERY big parquet floors which are perfect for tiny little hands and knees (or feet, if you're walking by the time you come). The former tenant put netting over the balcony grilles to keep her cats from slipping out between the railings; I've decided to keep them there in case you come visit and decide to throw your toys down five flights to the sidewalk of the Rue de Lille.
Give a wet sloppy kiss to your folks for me and I send a great big hug to you.

Grand-Aunt Jeanne

Daniel Wikler said...

Now nothing can hold Julian back.